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Design & Manufacturing services; In order to optimally manage its business, Dublin Bus has embraced developments in technology which are providing great benefits to its customers. Quaestors familiarity and knowledge of Dublin Bus Fare Collections technologies goes back to the early 1990’s. In 1989 Electronic Ticket Issuing Machines (ETMs) were implemented, replacing the old mechanical ticketing machine units. The deployment of Fare collection systems at Dublin Bus is summarized as follows;

1989 - Electronic Machines
1990-1 - Magnetic Card Readers and launch of magnetic s-stripe tickets
1995 - Autofare machines
2001 - Trunked Radio Systems
2005 - Replacement Electronic Ticket Machines (ETMs)
2008 - Smart Card System and Readers
2009 - Radio System upgrade
2010 - AVL and Control Centre
2011 - integrated ticketing

Magnetic Card Validators (MCV) are connected to ETMs by the RS485 network, over time as technology was added to the bus it was also connected via the ETM-hosted RS485 network. Devices hosted on the network gather data from tachometers, odometers, passenger numbers, current location, door openings, tickets sales etc..

To enable communication between devices Quaestor designed and manufactured an RS 485 10 Port network unit. Today the device is still a critical piece of technology utilised on all Dublin Buses.

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